71-5717. Purpose of act.

The purpose of the Nebraska Clean Indoor Air Act is to protect the public health and welfare by prohibiting smoking in public places and places of employment with limited exceptions for guestrooms and suites, research, tobacco retail outlets, and cigar shops. The limited exceptions permit smoking in public places where the public would reasonably expect to find persons smoking, including guestrooms and suites which are subject to expectations of privacy like private residences, institutions engaged in research related to smoking, and tobacco retail outlets and cigar shops which provide the public legal retail outlets to sample, use, and purchase tobacco products and products related to smoking. The act shall not be construed to prohibit or otherwise restrict smoking in outdoor areas. The act shall not be construed to permit smoking where it is prohibited or otherwise restricted by other applicable law, ordinance, or resolution. The act shall be liberally construed to further its purpose.

Source:Laws 2008, LB395, § 2; Laws 2015, LB118, § 9.