71-555. Terms, defined.

For purposes of the Newborn Critical Congenital Heart Disease Screening Act:

(1) Birthing facility means a hospital or other health care facility in this state which provides birthing and newborn care services;

(2) Critical congenital heart disease screening means a testing procedure or procedures intended to detect hypoplastic left heart syndrome, pulmonary atresia, tetralogy of Fallot, total anomalous pulmonary venous return, transposition of the great arteries, tricuspid atresia, and truncus arteriosus;

(3) Department means the Department of Health and Human Services;

(4) Newborn means a child from birth through twenty-nine days old; and

(5) Parent means a natural parent, a stepparent, an adoptive parent, a legal guardian, or any other legal custodian of a child.

Source:Laws 2013, LB225, ยง 3.