71-5308. License; application; issuance; disciplinary actions; grounds; existing certificate holder; how treated.

Application for a license to act as a licensed operator of a public water system shall be made as provided in the Uniform Credentialing Act. The department shall establish and collect fees for licenses as provided in sections 38-151 to 38-157. An operator shall be licensed in the same manner as an individual under subsection (1) of section 38-121 and shall be subject to the reporting, investigatory, and disciplinary provisions of sections 38-176 to 38-185, 38-1,106, 38-1,109 to 38-1,126, and 38-1,137 to 38-1,139. In addition to the grounds for disciplinary action found in the Uniform Credentialing Act, a license issued under the Nebraska Safe Drinking Water Act may be disciplined for any violation of the act or the rules and regulations adopted and promulgated under the act.

An individual holding a certificate as a certified operator of a public water system under the Nebraska Safe Drinking Water Act on December 1, 2008, shall be deemed to be holding a license under the Uniform Credentialing Act and the Nebraska Safe Drinking Water Act on such date. The certificate holder may continue to practice under such certificate as a license in accordance with such acts until the certificate would have expired under its terms.

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