71-5305. Public water system; construction, extension, or alteration; written authorization required; exception; procedure.

(1) No major construction, extension, or alteration of a public water system shall be commenced without written authorization from the director. No such authorization shall be needed in the case of minor repairs and matters of maintenance. No such authorization shall be granted unless plans and specifications, prepared by a professional engineer, and any additional information required by the department have been submitted to the department or its designated agent for review.

(2) Upon a finding that there has been compliance with the minimum sanitary requirements adopted pursuant to section 71-5304, authorization to proceed with construction shall be granted by the director or his or her designated agent. In issuing authorization for the development of new public water supply sources, consideration shall be given to the location and effects of other water supply systems and the location of points of discharge or disposal for solid and liquid wastes.

Source:Laws 1976, LB 821, § 5; Laws 1997, LB 622, § 109; Laws 2001, LB 667, § 35.