71-5304. Rules and regulations; construction and operation of system; objectives.

(1) The director shall adopt and promulgate necessary minimum rules and regulations governing the siting, design, construction, alteration, classification, and operation of public water systems to insure that such public water systems shall not contain amounts of chemical, radiological, physical, or bacteriological materials which are determined by the director, pursuant to section 71-5302, to be harmful to the physical health of human beings. In adopting such rules and regulations, the director shall attempt to meet the following objectives:

(a) Insure that facilities are physically separated, to the greatest extent possible, from water or land areas which contain high levels of materials which are harmful to humans;

(b) Insure that such facilities, and all parts thereof, are physically sealed so that leakage of harmful materials into the public water system itself from sources outside the system shall not occur;

(c) Insure that all materials which are used in the construction of a system shall not place harmful materials into the public water system;

(d) Insure that all chemicals or other substances used to treat and purify water are free from harmful materials; and

(e) Insure, to the greatest extent possible, that such rules and regulations will allow uninterrupted and efficient operation of public water systems.

(2) The rules and regulations may contain differences and distinctions based on one or more of the following: Physical size of the facilities, number of persons served, system classification, source of water, treatment technique and purpose, and distribution complexity, so long as the objectives of this section are met.

Source:Laws 1976, LB 821, § 4; Laws 2001, LB 667, § 32; Laws 2003, LB 31, § 5.