71-516.02. Legislative findings and declarations.

The Legislature finds and declares that:

(1) Certain nursing homes and related facilities and assisted-living facilities claim special care for persons who have Alzheimer's disease, dementia, or a related disorder;

(2) It is in the public interest to provide for the protection of consumers regarding the accuracy and authenticity of such claims;

(3) The provisions of the Alzheimer's Special Care Disclosure Act are intended to require such facilities to disclose the reasons for those claims, require records of such disclosures to be kept, and require the department to examine the records; and

(4) Alzheimer’s special care units provide care for persons with cognitive impairments and dementia and assisted-living facilities would benefit from a memory care endorsement.

Source:Laws 1994, LB 1210, § 163; Laws 1996, LB 1044, § 499; Laws 1997, LB 608, § 6; Laws 2007, LB296, § 387; Laws 2016, LB698, § 24.