71-501.02. Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome program; department; powers.

The Department of Health and Human Services may establish and administer a statewide acquired immunodeficiency syndrome program for the purpose of providing education, prevention, detection, and counseling services to protect the public health. In order to implement the program, the department may:

(1) Apply for, receive, and administer federal and other public and private funds and contract for services, equipment, and property as necessary to use such funds for the purposes specified in section 71-501.01 and this section;

(2) Provide education and training regarding acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and its related diseases and conditions to the general public and to health care providers. The department may charge fees based on administrative costs for such services. Any fees collected shall be deposited in the state treasury and shall be credited to the Health and Human Services Cash Fund;

(3) Provide resource referrals for medical care and social services to persons affected by acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and its related diseases and conditions;

(4) Contract or provide for voluntary, anonymous, or confidential screening, testing, and counseling services. All sites providing such services pursuant to a contract with the department shall provide services on an anonymous basis if so requested by the individual seeking such services. The department may charge and permit its contractors to charge an administrative fee or may request donations to defer the cost of the services but shall not deny the services for failure to pay any administrative fee or for failure to make a donation;

(5) Cooperate with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the Public Health Service of the United States Department of Health and Human Services or its successor for the purposes of research into and investigation of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and its related diseases and conditions; and

(6) To the extent funds are available, offer services that are culturally and language specific upon request to persons identified as having tested positive for the human immunodeficiency virus infection. Such services shall include, but not be limited to, posttest counseling, partner notification, and such early intervention services as case management, behavior modification and support services, laboratory quantification of lymphocyte subsets, immunizations, Mantoux testing for tuberculosis, prophylactic treatment, and referral for other medical and social services.

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