71-4842. Law governing validity; choice of law as to execution of document of gift; presumption of validity.

(a) A document of gift is valid if executed in accordance with:

(1) The Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act;

(2) The laws of the state or country where it was executed; or

(3) The laws of the state or country where the person making the anatomical gift was domiciled, has a place of residence, or was a national at the time the document of gift was executed.

(b) If a document of gift is valid under this section, the law of this state governs the interpretation of the document of gift.

(c) A person may presume that a document of gift or amendment of an anatomical gift is valid unless that person knows that it was not validly executed or was revoked.

(d) The age restrictions of the Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act do not nullify any designation of gift made on a driver's license or state identification card prior to January 1, 2011, by a person younger than sixteen years of age which was valid when made. Such person shall be considered a donor under the act, and if such a donor who is an unemancipated minor dies, a parent of the donor who is reasonably available may revoke or amend an anatomical gift of the donor's body or part.

Source:Laws 2010, LB1036, ยง 19.