71-4617. Manufacturer; furnish commission with information regarding hazards, defects, and noncompliance; disclosure to public; limitation; exception.

Every manufacturer shall furnish to the commission a true or representative copy of all notices, bulletins, and other communications sent to the dealers of the manufacturer or to purchasers of manufactured homes or recreational vehicles of the manufacturer regarding any imminent safety hazard or serious defect in a single manufactured home or recreational vehicle or a noncompliance determined to be in a class of manufactured homes or recreational vehicles produced by the manufacturer. The commission shall disclose to the public so much of the information contained in such notices or other information obtained pursuant to the Uniform Standard Code for Manufactured Homes and Recreational Vehicles as it deems will assist in carrying out the purposes of the code, but it shall not disclose any information which contains or relates to a trade secret or which, if disclosed, would put the manufacturer at a substantial competitive disadvantage, unless the commission determines that such disclosure is necessary to carry out the purposes of the code.

Source:Laws 1975, LB 300, § 16; Laws 1985, LB 313, § 20; Laws 1993, LB 536, § 97; Laws 1998, LB 1073, § 141.