71-4614. Commission; require manufacturer to supply information to purchaser; manner.

The commission may require the manufacturer to give notification of performance and technical data to:

(1) Each prospective purchaser before the first sale for purposes other than resale at each location where any such manufacturer's manufactured homes or recreational vehicles are offered for sale by a person with whom such manufacturer has a contractual, proprietary, or other legal relationship and in a manner determined by the commission to be appropriate, which notification may include, but need not be limited to, printed matter that is both available for retention by such prospective purchaser and sent by mail to such prospective purchaser upon his or her request; and

(2) The first person who purchases a manufactured home or recreational vehicle for purposes other than resale, at the time of such purchase or in printed matter placed in the manufactured home or recreational vehicle.

Source:Laws 1975, LB 300, § 13; Laws 1985, LB 313, § 17; Laws 1993, LB 536, § 95; Laws 1998, LB 1073, § 138.