71-4409. Rabies control authority; enforcement of sections; duties.

The rabies control authority shall enforce sections 71-4401 to 71-4412.

In the event that the health and law enforcement officials of a county, township, city, or village fail to act with sufficient promptness in enforcing sections 71-4401 to 71-4412, the department may take all actions necessary for the proper administration and enforcement of such sections relating to vaccination and impoundment of domestic or hybrid animals. In such a case no authorized representatives of the department or any law enforcement officials enforcing such sections shall be responsible for any accident or disease of a domestic or hybrid animal resulting from the enforcement of such sections.

Source:Laws 1969, c. 445, § 9, p. 1488; Laws 1987, LB 104, § 9; Laws 2007, LB25, § 11.