71-4403. Veterinarian; vaccination for rabies; certificate; contents.

It shall be the duty of each veterinarian, at the time of vaccinating any domestic or hybrid animal, to complete a certificate of rabies vaccination which shall include, but not be limited to, the following information:

(1) The owner's name and address;

(2) An adequate description of the domestic or hybrid animal, including, but not limited to, such items as the domestic or hybrid animal's breed, sex, age, name, and distinctive markings;

(3) The date of vaccination;

(4) The rabies vaccination tag number;

(5) The type of rabies vaccine administered;

(6) The manufacturer's serial number of the vaccine used; and

(7) The site of vaccination.

Such veterinarian shall issue a tag with the certificate of vaccination.

Source:Laws 1969, c. 445, § 3, p. 1485; Laws 1987, LB 104, § 3; Laws 2007, LB25, § 5.