71-4402. Vaccination against rabies; required; vaccine; sales.

(1) Every domestic animal in the State of Nebraska shall be vaccinated against rabies with a licensed vaccine and revaccinated at intervals specified by rules and regulations adopted and promulgated by the department. Young domestic animals shall be initially vaccinated at the age specified in such rules and regulations. Unvaccinated domestic animals acquired or moved into the State of Nebraska shall be vaccinated within thirty days after purchase or arrival unless under the age for initial vaccination.

(2) The rabies vaccine used to vaccinate domestic animals pursuant to this section shall be sold only to licensed veterinarians.

Source:Laws 1969, c. 445, § 2, p. 1485; Laws 1987, LB 104, § 2; Laws 1990, LB 888, § 1; Laws 2007, LB25, § 2.