71-430. Substance abuse treatment center, defined.

(1) Substance abuse treatment center means a facility, including any private dwelling, where shelter, food, and care, treatment, maintenance, or related services are provided in a group setting to persons who are substance abusers.

(2) Substance abuse treatment center includes programs and services that are provided on an outpatient basis primarily or exclusively to persons who are substance abusers but does not include services that can be rendered only by a physician or within a hospital.

(3) For purposes of this section:

(a) Substance abuse means the abuse of substances which have significant mood-changing or perception-changing capacities, which are likely to be physiologically or psychologically addictive, and the continued use of which may result in negative social consequences; and

(b) Abuse means the use of substances in ways that have or are likely to have significant adverse social consequences.

Source:Laws 2000, LB 819, ยง 30.