71-3607. Commitment; release; procedure.

Any time beyond sixty days after commitment, the person or any friend or relative believing that the patient no longer has communicable tuberculosis or that his discharge will not endanger public health may institute proceedings by petition in the county court of the county wherein the confinement exists, whereupon the court shall set the matter down for a hearing before him within fifteen days, requiring the physician in attendance to show cause on a day certain why the patient should not be released. The court shall also require that the patient be allowed the right to be examined prior to the hearing by a physician of his own choice, if so desired and at his own expense. Thereafter all proceedings shall be conducted the same as on proceedings for commitment with the right of appeal by either party; Provided, such petition for discharge shall not be brought or renewed more often than once every ninety days.

Source:Laws 1963, c. 399, ยง 7, p. 1276.