71-3603. Petition; hearing; notice; costs.

The county attorney of the county in which the proceedings are to be held as provided in section 71-3602 shall act for the department or local board of health. Either the state health officer or local health officer shall advise the county attorney in writing of the violation. Within three days of such notification, the county attorney shall file a petition with the county court.

Upon filing of the petition, the court shall set the matter for a hearing, which time shall be not less than five days nor more than ten days subsequent to filing. A copy of the petition together with a summons stating the time and place of hearing shall be served upon the person three days or more prior to the time set for the hearing.

Summons shall be served by the sheriff of the county in which the hearing is to be held, and return thereof shall be made as in other civil cases.

The court costs incurred in proceedings under the Tuberculosis Detection and Prevention Act, including medical examinations required by order of the court but excluding examinations procured by the person named in the petition, shall be borne by the county in which the proceedings are held.

Source:Laws 1963, c. 399, § 3, p. 1274; Laws 1996, LB 1044, § 659; Laws 2004, LB 1005, § 90.