71-3531. Fees; use.

(1) Until January 1, 2008, a fee shall be assessed on each radiological instrument calibrated by the department as follows: Direct reading dosimeters, twenty-two dollars; electronic dosimeters, thirty-one dollars; CD V-700 meters, thirty-six dollars; CD V-715 meters, twenty-five dollars; CD V-718 meters, thirty-nine dollars; thermo-electron FH-40 GL and ASP-2 meters, sixty-six dollars; all electron detectors, forty-six dollars; and all other meters, sixty-six dollars. If any of such instruments form a kit, the fees shall be: CD V-777 kits, one hundred forty-nine dollars; thermo-electron FH-40 GL kits, two hundred thirty dollars; and thermo-electron ASP-2 kits, two hundred twenty-four dollars. Fees for minor repairs shall be at a base rate of sixteen dollars per hour plus the cost of parts. Beginning January 1, 2008, the department shall periodically adopt and promulgate rules and regulations that establish or adjust replacement, repair, or calibration fees and the department shall assess such fees on all radiological instruments replaced, repaired, or calibrated by the department. The fees shall be equitable and the Adjutant General and the assistant director of the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency or their designees shall meet at least annually to recommend changes in the fees charged and allocation of fees collected for expenses incurred under this section.

(2) Such fees shall be used for purposes related to (a) inspection, repair, and calibration of radiological instruments, (b) repair, replacement, upgrade, and calibration of radiological calibrators, (c) security of calibration sources, (d) training of calibration technician personnel, (e) purchase of necessary tools and equipment related to radiological calibration, (f) payment of radiological licensing fees, and (g) if funds are available, administrative costs of the department and subsidizing the salary of calibration technician personnel and part-time employees.

(3) Fees for calibration shall be paid in advance. Other fees shall be paid when receipted from the department by the responsible agency. Fees shall be remitted to the State Treasurer for credit to the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency Cash Fund.

Source:Laws 2006, LB 787, § 3; Laws 2009, LB24, § 1.