71-3508.03. Fees; costs; use; exemptions; failure to pay; effect.

(1) The department shall establish by rule and regulation annual fees for the radioactive materials licenses, for inspections of radioactive materials, for the registration and inspection of radiation-generating equipment and other sources of radiation, and for radon measurement and mitigation business licenses and inspections of radon mitigation systems installations under the Radiation Control Act. The annual fee for registration and inspection of X-ray radiation generating equipment used to diagnose conditions in humans or animals shall not exceed four hundred dollars per X-ray machine. The department shall also establish by rule and regulation additional fees for environmental surveillance activities performed by the department to assess the radiological impact of activities conducted by licensees and registrants. Such activities shall not duplicate surveillance programs approved by the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission and conducted by entities licensed by such commission. No fee shall exceed the actual cost to the department for administering the act. The fees collected shall be remitted to the State Treasurer for credit to the Health and Human Services Cash Fund and shall be used solely for the purpose of defraying the direct and indirect costs of administering the act. The department shall collect such fees.

(2) The department may, upon application by an interested person or on its own initiative, grant such exemptions from the requirements of this section as it determines are in the public interest. Applications for exemption under this subsection may include, but shall not be limited to, the use of licensed materials for educational or noncommercial displays or scientific collections.

(3) When a registrant or licensee fails to pay the applicable fee, the department may suspend or revoke the registration or license or may issue an appropriate order.

(4) The department shall establish and collect fees for licenses for individuals engaged in radon detection, measurement, and mitigation as provided in sections 38-151 to 38-157.

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