71-2610.01. Board; powers and duties.

The State Board of Health shall:

(1) Adopt and promulgate rules and regulations for the government of the professions and occupations licensed, certified, registered, or issued permits by the Division of Public Health of the Department of Health and Human Services, including rules and regulations necessary to implement laws enforced by the division. These professions and occupations are those subject to the Asbestos Control Act, the Radiation Control Act, the Residential Lead-Based Paint Professions Practice Act, the Uniform Controlled Substances Act, the Uniform Credentialing Act, or the Wholesale Drug Distributor Licensing Act;

(2) Serve in an advisory capacity for other rules and regulations adopted and promulgated by the division, including those for health care facilities and environmental health services;

(3) Carry out its powers and duties under the Nebraska Regulation of Health Professions Act;

(4) Appoint and remove for cause members of health-related professional boards as provided in sections 38-158 to 38-167;

(5) At the discretion of the board, help mediate issues related to the regulation of health care professions except issues related to the discipline of health care professionals; and

(6) Have the authority to participate in the periodic review of the regulation of health care professions.

All funds rendered available by law may be used by the board in administering and effecting such purposes.

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