71-2510. Sales excluded from act.

The Poison Control Act does not apply to sales of poisons made to practitioners credentialed under the Uniform Credentialing Act who are duly authorized by law to administer or professionally use those poisons specifically named in section 71-2501, to sales made by any manufacturer, wholesale dealer, or licensed pharmacist to another manufacturer, wholesale dealer, or licensed pharmacist, to a hospital, college, school, or scientific or public institution, or to any person using any of such poisons in the arts or for industrial, manufacturing, or agricultural purposes and believed to be purchasing any poison for legitimate use, or to the sales of pesticides used in agricultural and industrial arts or products used for the control of insect or animal pests or weeds or fungus diseases, if in all such cases, except sales for use in industrial arts, manufacturing, or processing, the poisons are labeled in accordance with section 71-2502.

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