71-2479. Legend drug not a controlled substance; prescription; retention; label; contents.

(1) Any prescription for a legend drug which is not a controlled substance shall be kept by the pharmacy or the practitioner who holds a pharmacy license in a readily retrievable format and shall be maintained for a minimum of five years. The pharmacy or practitioner shall make all such files readily available to the department and law enforcement for inspection without a search warrant.

(2) Before dispensing a legend drug which is not a controlled substance pursuant to a written, oral, or electronic prescription, a label shall be affixed to the container in which the drug is dispensed. Such label shall bear (a) the name, address, and telephone number of the pharmacy or practitioner, (b) the name of the patient, (c) the date of filling, (d) the serial number of the prescription under which it is recorded in the practitioner's prescription records, (e) the name of the prescribing practitioner, (f) the directions for use, (g) the name of the drug, device, or biological unless instructed to omit by the prescribing practitioner, (h) the strength of the drug or biological, if applicable, (i) the quantity of the drug, device, or biological in the container, except unit-dose containers, (j) the dosage form of the drug or biological, and (k) any cautionary statements contained in the prescription.

(3) For multidrug containers, more than one drug, device, or biological may be dispensed in the same container when (a) such container is prepackaged by the manufacturer, packager, or distributor and shipped directly to the pharmacy in this manner or (b) the container does not accommodate greater than a thirty-one-day supply of compatible dosage units and is labeled to identify each drug or biological in the container in addition to all other information required by law.

Source:Laws 2015, LB37, § 23; Laws 2017, LB166, § 25.
Effective Date: April 28, 2017