71-2450. Pharmacist providing pharmacist remote order entry; requirements.

A pharmacist providing pharmacist remote order entry shall:

(1) Be located within the United States;

(2) Maintain adequate security and privacy in accordance with state and federal laws, rules, and regulations;

(3) Be linked to one or more hospitals, long-term care facilities, or pharmacies for which services are provided via computer link, video link, audio link, or facsimile transmission;

(4) Have access to each patient's medical information necessary to perform via computer link, video link, or facsimile transmission a prospective drug utilization review as specified in section 38-2869; and

(5) Be employed by or have a contractual agreement to provide such services with the hospital, long-term care facility, or pharmacy where the patient is located.

Source:Laws 2008, LB308, § 7; Laws 2009, LB195, § 78.