71-2426. Cancer drug; accepted or dispensed; conditions.

(1) A cancer drug shall only be accepted or dispensed under the program if such drug is in its original, unopened, sealed, and tamper-evident packaging. A cancer drug packaged in single unit doses may be accepted and dispensed if the outside packaging is opened but the single-unit-dose packaging is unopened. There shall be no limitation on the number of doses that can be donated to the program as long as the donated drugs meet the requirements of this section. An injectable cancer drug may be accepted if it does not have temperature requirements other than controlled room temperature.

(2) A cancer drug shall not be accepted or dispensed under the program if (a) such drug bears an expiration date prior to the date of donation, (b) such drug is adulterated or misbranded as defined in section 71-2461 or 71-2470, (c) such drug has expired while in the repository, or (d) such drug has restricted distribution by the federal Food and Drug Administration.

(3) Subject to limitations provided in this section, unused cancer drugs dispensed under the medical assistance program established pursuant to the Medical Assistance Act may be accepted and dispensed under the program.

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