71-2407. Mail service pharmacy license; requirements; fee.

(1) Any person operating a mail service pharmacy outside of the State of Nebraska shall obtain a mail service pharmacy license prior to shipping, mailing, or in any manner delivering dispensed prescription drugs as defined in section 38-2841 into the State of Nebraska.

(2) To be qualified to hold a mail service pharmacy license, a person shall:

(a) Hold a pharmacy license or permit issued by and valid in the state in which the person is located and from which such prescription drugs will be shipped, mailed, or otherwise delivered;

(b) Be located and operating in a state in which the requirements and qualifications for obtaining and maintaining a pharmacy license or permit are considered by the Department of Health and Human Services, with the approval of the Board of Pharmacy, to be substantially equivalent to the requirements of the Health Care Facility Licensure Act;

(c) Designate the Secretary of State as his, her, or its agent for service of process in this state; and

(d) Employ on a full-time basis at least one pharmacist who holds a current unrestricted pharmacist license issued under the Uniform Credentialing Act who shall be responsible for compliance by the mail service pharmacy with the Mail Service Pharmacy Licensure Act. The mail service pharmacy shall notify the department when such pharmacist is no longer employed by such pharmacy.

(3) To obtain a mail service pharmacy license, a person shall:

(a) File an application on a form developed by the department; and

(b) Pay a fee equivalent to the fee for a pharmacy license in the State of Nebraska pursuant to section 71-434.

(4) This section does not apply to prescription drugs mailed, shipped, or otherwise delivered by a pharmaceutical company to a laboratory for the purpose of conducting clinical research.

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