71-2075. Written estimate of charges; when required; notice.

(1) Upon the written request of a prospective patient, his or her attending physician, or any authorized agent of the prospective patient, each hospital, except hospitals excluded under section 1886(d)(1)(B) of Public Law 98-21, the Social Security Act Amendments of 1983, and ambulatory surgical center shall provide a written estimate of the average charges for health services related to a particular diagnostic condition or medical procedure if such services are provided by the hospital or center. Such written request shall include a written medical diagnosis made by a health care practitioner licensed to provide such diagnosis. The prospective patient or his or her agent may also provide to the hospital or center the prospective patient's age and sex, any complications or co-morbidities of the prospective patient, other procedures required for the prospective patient, and other information which would allow the hospital or center to provide a more accurate or detailed estimate. Such estimate shall be provided within seven working days from the date of submission of the written request and information necessary to prepare such an estimate.

(2) All hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers shall provide notice to the public that such hospital or center will provide an estimate of charges for medical procedures or diagnostic conditions pursuant to subsection (1) of this section. Such public notice shall be provided either as a part of the advertising or promotional materials of the hospital or center or by posting a notice in an obvious place within the public areas of the hospital or center.

Source:Laws 1985, LB 382, § 14; Laws 1994, LB 1210, § 120.