71-2010. State plan; notice; hearing; submission to Surgeon General; hearing; approval of plans; review of program.

The department shall prepare and submit to the Surgeon General a state plan which shall include the hospital construction program developed under the State Hospital Survey and Construction Act, and which shall provide for the establishment, administration, and operation of hospital and medical facility construction activities in accordance with the requirements of the federal act and regulations thereunder. The department shall, prior to the submission of such plan to the Surgeon General, give adequate publicity to a general description of all the provisions proposed to be included therein and hold a public hearing at which all persons or organizations with a legitimate interest in such plan may be given an opportunity to express their views. After approval of the plan by the Surgeon General, the department shall make the plan, or plans, or a copy thereof, available upon request to all interested persons or organizations. The department shall from time to time review the hospital construction program and submit to the Surgeon General any modifications necessary, and may submit to the Surgeon General such modifications of the state plan, or plans, not inconsistent with the requirements of the federal act.

Source:Laws 1947, c. 232, § 10, p. 737; Laws 1965, c. 421, § 8, p. 1352; Laws 2007, LB296, § 513.