Nebraska Revised Statute 71-20,108

Chapter 71


Review of application; Attorney General; considerations.

If the Attorney General determines to review the application, he or she shall approve the application unless he or she finds that the acquisition is not in the public interest. An acquisition is not in the public interest unless appropriate steps have been taken to safeguard the value of charitable assets and ensure that any proceeds of the transaction are used for appropriate charitable health care purposes as provided in subdivision (8) of this section. In determining whether the acquisition meets such criteria under the Nonprofit Hospital Sale Act, the Attorney General shall consider:

(1) Whether the acquisition is permitted under the Nebraska Nonprofit Corporation Act and other laws of Nebraska governing nonprofit entities, trusts, or charities;

(2) Whether the nonprofit hospital exercised due diligence in deciding to sell, selecting the purchaser, and negotiating the terms and conditions of the sale;

(3) The procedures used by the seller in making its decision, including whether appropriate expert assistance was used;

(4) Whether conflict of interest was disclosed, including, but not limited to, conflicts of interest related to board members of, executives of, and experts retained by the seller, purchaser, or parties to the acquisition;

(5) Whether the seller will receive reasonably fair value for its assets. The Attorney General may employ, at the seller's expense, reasonably necessary expert assistance in making this determination;

(6) Whether charitable funds are placed at unreasonable risk, if the acquisition is financed in part by the seller;

(7) Whether any management contract under the acquisition is for reasonably fair value;

(8) Whether the sale proceeds will be used for appropriate charitable health care purposes consistent with the seller's original purpose or for the support and promotion of health care in the affected community and whether the proceeds will be controlled as charitable funds independently of the purchaser or parties to the acquisition; and

(9) Whether a right of first refusal to repurchase the assets by a successor nonprofit corporation or foundation if the hospital is subsequently sold to, acquired by, or merged with another entity has been retained.

Cross References

  • Nebraska Nonprofit Corporation Act, see section 21-1901.