Nebraska Revised Statute 71-20,107

Chapter 71


Review of application; Attorney General; department; duties; action for declaratory judgment; authorized; contest of denial.

(1) If the Attorney General determines to review the application, he or she shall review the application in accordance with the standards enumerated in section 71-20,108. Within sixty days after receipt of an application, the Attorney General shall approve or disapprove the acquisition.

If the Attorney General does not act within sixty days after receipt of an application, the application shall be deemed approved. If the Attorney General approves or disapproves the acquisition, the applicant, or any person who has submitted comments under section 71-20,106, if the person has a legal interest in the hospital being acquired or in another hospital that has contracted with the acquired hospital for the provision of essential health services, may bring an action for declaratory judgment under the Uniform Declaratory Judgments Act for a determination that the acquisition is or is not in the public interest as provided in section 71-20,108.

(2) The department shall review the completed application in accordance with the standards enumerated in section 71-20,109. Within sixty days after receipt of a completed application, the department shall:

(a) Approve the acquisition, with or without any specific modifications; or

(b) Disapprove the acquisition.

The department shall not make its decision subject to any condition not directly related to criteria enumerated in section 71-20,109, and any condition or modification shall bear a direct and rational relationship to the application under review.

The applicant or any affected person may contest a denial in the manner provided in the Administrative Procedure Act for contested cases. The findings, conclusions, and decisions of the department shall constitute the determination of the department, except that the applicant, or any affected person who has intervened in the contested case before the department, may seek judicial review as provided in sections 84-917 to 84-919.

Cross References

  • Administrative Procedure Act, see section 84-920.
  • Uniform Declaratory Judgments Act, see section 25-21,164.