Nebraska Revised Statute 71-20,106

Chapter 71 Section 20,106


Review of acquisition; hearing; department or Attorney General; powers.

The department, and the Attorney General if he or she determines to review the acquisition, shall during the course of review under section 71-20,105 or 71-20,107 hold a public hearing in which any person may file written comments and exhibits or appear and make a statement. The department or the Attorney General may subpoena additional information or witnesses, require and administer oaths, require sworn statements, take depositions, and use related discovery procedures for purposes of the hearing and at any time prior to making a decision on the application.

The hearing shall be held not later than thirty days after receipt of an application. The hearing shall be held upon ten working days' notice, not including days the application is deemed to be incomplete.


  • Laws 1996, LB 1188, § 5.