71-1920. Disciplinary action; types; fines; disposition.

(1) The department may impose any one or a combination of the following types of disciplinary action against a license issued under the Child Care Licensing Act:

(a) Issue a probationary license;

(b) Suspend or revoke a provisional, probationary, or operating license;

(c) Impose a civil penalty of up to five dollars per child, based upon the number of children for which the program is authorized to provide child care on the effective date of the finding of violation, for each day the program is in violation;

(d) Establish restrictions on new enrollment in the program;

(e) Establish restrictions or other limitations on the number of children or the age of the children served in the program; or

(f) Establish other restrictions or limitations on the type of service provided by the program.

(2) A person who has had a license revoked for any cause other than nonpayment of fees shall not be eligible to reapply for a license for a period of two years.

(3) Any fine imposed and unpaid under the Child Care Licensing Act shall constitute a debt to the State of Nebraska which may be collected in the manner of a lien foreclosure or sued for and recovered in any proper form of action in the name of the State of Nebraska in the district court of the county in which the program is located. The department shall, within thirty days after receipt, remit fines to the State Treasurer for credit to the permanent school fund.

Source:Laws 2004, LB 1005, ยง 83.