71-1914. Department; serve as coordinating agency; local rules and regulations; report of violation.

(1) The department shall be the state's coordinating agency for licensure and regulation of programs in this state in order to (a) provide efficient services pursuant to the Child Care Licensing Act, (b) avoid duplication of services, and (c) prevent an unnecessary number of inspections of any program. The department may request cooperation and assistance from local and state agencies and such agencies shall promptly respond. The extent of an agency's cooperation may be included in the report to the Legislature pursuant to section 43-3402.

(2) A city, village, or county may adopt rules, regulations, or ordinances establishing physical well-being and safety standards for programs whether or not the persons providing such programs are subject to licensure under section 71-1911. Such rules, regulations, or ordinances shall be as stringent as or more stringent than the department's rules and regulations for licensees pursuant to the Child Care Licensing Act. The city, village, or county adopting such rules, regulations, or ordinances and the department shall coordinate the inspection and supervision of licensees to avoid duplication of inspections. A city, village, or county shall report any violation of such rules, regulations, or ordinances to the department. The city, village, or county may administer and enforce such rules, regulations, and ordinances. Enforcement of provisions of the Child Care Licensing Act or rules or regulations adopted and promulgated under the act shall be by the department pursuant to sections 71-1919 to 71-1923.

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