71-1632. Health director; powers; duties.

Except as provided in subsection (4) of section 71-1630, the health director of a county, district, or city-county health department shall have the power and duty to (1) be the executive officer of the local boards of health; (2) appoint, subject to any applicable county or city civil service laws, rules, or regulations, a properly functioning staff and other personnel as may be necessary, whose qualifications shall conform to the United States Public Health Standards and whose remuneration shall conform to an established compensation schedule set by such local board of health and which is reviewed and approved annually by such board; (3) review annually, with the local board of health, the proposed budget of the department; (4) organize, with the approval of the local board of health, a citizens' advisory health council that will aid in developing a public health program to meet the particular needs, hazards, and problems of the health district; and (5) organize, with the approval of the local board of health, a medical and dental advisory committee.

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