71-1612. Board of health; powers and duties.

The board of health shall have and exercise, subject to the statutes, the executive power and authority and shall assume the responsibility concerning public health and remedial care and treatment of the indigent sick people, now or hereafter vested by statutes or regulations in each and every governmental subdivision within the health district, and shall have the title, control and management of the property owned by such governmental subdivisions and used exclusively for such health activities. All the functions now performed by any physician, except the coroner's physician and the insanity board's physician, or nurse employed by any governmental subdivision within the district, and any and all inspectors of foods, drinks, and the sanitary condition of property, vest in the health district which may be created by the provisions of sections 71-1601 to 71-1625. The management and control of all hospitals, buildings and personal property used exclusively in the medical care and treatment of the indigent sick people, and the segregation of those persons afflicted with infectious and contagious diseases, shall be in the said health district. The health district shall have the power and it shall be its duty to adopt measures for the control and eradication of preventable or communicable diseases, the inculcation of modern scientific methods of hygiene and sanitation, and the education of the public in matters relating to public health.

Source:Laws 1939, c. 92, § 11, p. 401; C.S.Supp.,1941, § 71-3611; R.S.1943, § 71-1612.