71-1604. Health district; creation; petition; election.

In the event qualified voters, within any county having a population of more than two hundred thousand inhabitants, equal in number to ten percent or more of those voting for the office of Governor at the last preceding election, present to the board of such county a petition praying for the establishment of a health district within and coextensive with such county, it shall be the duty of such county board to submit the question to a vote of the people. Such question may be submitted at either a special election or a general election but must be submitted within ninety days from the filing with the board of the petition herein described. In the event of litigation, either to prevent submission of the question to the people or to compel the county board to call an election, the court hearing the question shall fix the date of the election, if it decides an election shall be held, and said date so fixed shall not be more than ninety days after such court order becomes final.

Source:Laws 1939, c. 92, § 4, p. 398; C.S.Supp.,1941, § 71-3604; R.S.1943, § 71-1604.