Nebraska Revised Statute 71-15,166

Chapter 71 Section 15,166


Act; how construed.

The Nebraska Housing Agency Act shall be construed liberally to effect the charitable and public purposes thereof. The enumeration of specific powers, authorities, or activities in the act shall not operate to restrict the scope of any general grant of power or authority or any description of activities contained in the act or to exclude other powers, authorities, or activities reasonably comprehended in such general grant which are reasonably related to carrying out the purposes of the act.

It is the purpose and intent of the act that the powers of local housing agencies be construed to afford to every agency reasonable responsibility, authority, and flexibility in carrying out the provisions of the act and to maximize the involvement of private sector entities, in cooperation with local housing agencies, in the production and operation of affordable housing. The use of the disjunctive word "or" shall be construed to mean "and" and the conjunctive word "and" shall be construed to mean "or" where such construction will result in a broader interpretation of a power. Limitations upon the powers, authorities, and activities of local agencies contained in the act shall be strictly construed.