71-15,151. Conflict of interest; disclosure required; when.

If (1) a housing agency official becomes involved in an activity or, through inheritance or other involuntary cause or circumstance, acquires an interest that violates any provision of sections 71-15,149 to 71-15,157 or (2) a local government official, after becoming employed by the agency, is requested to act in an official capacity with respect to a matter affecting his or her duties as an employee of the local housing agency, such housing agency or local government official shall immediately and fully disclose in writing to the housing agency's board of commissioners the circumstances giving rise to the conflict of interest. In the case of a local government official, such disclosure shall also be made to the local government served by such official. Upon receipt of any disclosure of actual or potential conflict of interest, a housing agency shall promptly cause such disclosure to be entered in the minutes of the housing agency.

Source:Laws 1999, LB 105, ยง 80.