71-15,147. Records; disclosure permitted; when.

A housing agency may provide any of the records described in section 71-15,146 to:

(1) Any recipient to whom disclosure is authorized pursuant to consent by all adult individuals identified in the record which is to be so disclosed;

(2) Such parties as the housing agency deems necessary when the agency determines that the disclosure is essential to the preservation of life, health, or safety;

(3) Anyone as required by a court order;

(4) A landlord or prospective landlord for purposes of enabling the landlord to determine an applicant's suitability for initial tenancy or to determine the suitability for continued tenancy of a person receiving assistance from the agency who is already in occupancy, if such information is pertinent to such suitability determination;

(5) Any applicant, tenant, or recipient of assistance to whom such information relates, or such person's designee or legal representative; or

(6) Any city, county, state, or federal public agency as required by law or agreement.

Source:Laws 1999, LB 105, ยง 76.