Nebraska Revised Statute 71-15,138

Chapter 71 Section 15,138


Termination of tenancy; conditions.

Except as provided in the Nebraska Housing Agency Act, the landlord-tenant relationship, and the termination thereof, is governed by state law applicable to privately owned residential property. Without limiting such provision, a local housing agency may terminate the tenancy of a household or a resident or terminate any other assistance provided by such agency for:

(1) The commission of any fraud or any material misrepresentation or omission on the part of any recipient of assistance or member of a resident household in connection with any application for assistance or any determination or redetermination of eligibility therefor, or in connection with any investigation or determination of the local housing agency regarding compliance by the household with the terms of any lease or the agency's rules and regulations; or

(2) Any other violation of one or more provisions of any lease or agreement with the local housing agency to which a recipient of assistance or a resident is a party or any of the agency's rules or regulations duly promulgated.