71-1218. Outpatient treatment; hearing by board; warrant for custody of subject; subject's rights; board determination.

The mental health board shall, upon motion of the county attorney, or may, upon its own motion, hold a hearing to determine whether a subject ordered by the board to receive outpatient treatment can be adequately and safely served by the individualized treatment plan for such subject on file with the board. The mental health board may issue a warrant directing any law enforcement officer in the state to take custody of the subject and directing the sheriff or other suitable person to transport the subject to a treatment facility or public or private hospital with available capacity specified by the board where he or she will be held pending such hearing. No person may be held in custody under this section for more than seven days except upon a continuance granted by the board. At the time of execution of the warrant, the sheriff or other suitable person designated by the board shall personally serve upon the subject, the subject's counsel, and the subject's legal guardian or conservator, if any, a notice of the time and place fixed for the hearing, a copy of the motion for hearing, and a list of the rights provided by the Sex Offender Commitment Act. The subject shall be accorded all the rights guaranteed to a subject by the act. Following the hearing, the board shall determine whether outpatient treatment will be continued, modified, or ended.

Source:Laws 2006, LB 1199, ยง 74.