71-1206. Mental health board proceedings; commencement; petition; custody of subject; conditions; dismissal; when.

(1) Mental health board proceedings shall be deemed to have commenced upon the earlier of (a) the filing of a petition under section 71-1205 or (b) notification by the county attorney to the law enforcement officer who took the subject into emergency protective custody under section 71-919 or the administrator of the treatment facility having charge of the subject of the intention of the county attorney to file such petition. The county attorney shall file such petition as soon as reasonably practicable after such notification.

(2) A petition filed by the county attorney under section 71-1205 may contain a request for the emergency protective custody and evaluation of the subject prior to commencement of a mental health board hearing pursuant to such petition with respect to the subject. Upon receipt of such request and upon a finding of probable cause to believe that the subject is a dangerous sex offender as alleged in the petition, the court or chairperson of the mental health board may issue a warrant directing the sheriff to take custody of the subject. If the subject is already in emergency protective custody under a certificate filed under section 71-919, a copy of such certificate shall be filed with the petition. The subject in such custody shall be held in an appropriate and available medical facility, jail, or Department of Correctional Services facility. A dangerous sex offender shall not be admitted to a medical facility for emergency protective custody unless a medical or psychiatric emergency exists requiring treatment not available at a jail or correctional facility. Each county shall make arrangements with appropriate facilities inside or outside the county for such purpose and shall pay the cost of the emergency protective custody of persons from such county in such facilities.

(3) The petition and all subsequent pleadings and filings in the case shall be entitled In the Interest of . . . . . , Alleged to be a Dangerous Sex Offender. The county attorney may dismiss the petition at any time prior to the commencement of the hearing of the mental health board under section 71-1208, and upon such motion by the county attorney, the mental health board shall dismiss the petition.

Source:Laws 2006, LB 1199, ยง 62.