71-1131. Costs; payment; public defender; appointment.

If the subject cannot afford to pay, the county shall pay court costs, costs of emergency custody, and related expenses for a petition filed pursuant to the Developmental Disabilities Court-Ordered Custody Act, including the costs of legal counsel appointed to represent the subject and any expert hired to evaluate and testify on behalf of the subject. In counties having a public defender, the court may appoint the public defender as legal counsel for the subject. The county shall be responsible for the cost of transporting the subject to and from court hearings under the act and to any emergency custody or other custody ordered under the act. The department shall pay the costs of the department's evaluations of the subject, the costs of the plans completed by the department and the independent mental health professional, and the costs of the court-ordered custody and treatment of the subject following an order of disposition, except as provided by sections 83-363 to 83-380.

Source:Laws 2005, LB 206, ยง 31.