71-1002. Board; dead human bodies subject to burial or cremation at public expense; delivery to board; claimant of body; requirements.

(1) All public officers, agents, and servants of this state, of every county, city, township, district, and other municipal subdivision thereof, and of every almshouse, prison, morgue, hospital, or other institution, having charge, control, or possession of any dead human body which is not claimed within the time and in the manner provided by this section are required to immediately notify the State Anatomical Board, or such agent, school, college, or person as may be designated by the board, of the dead human body. Such institution shall, without fee or reward, surrender and deliver such dead human body to the board or to such agent, schools, colleges, physicians, and surgeons as may be designated by the board for anatomical use and study.

(2) The notice required by subsection (1) of this section is not required and the body does not have to be delivered to the board if (a) any person claims the body for burial within ten days after death, (b) the deceased was discharged from the military or naval service of the United States, or (c) an autopsy has been performed on the body.

(3) Any person may claim and receive such dead human body from the State Anatomical Board if (a) application in writing is made to the board for such body for the purpose of burial or cremation within thirty days after delivery to the board, (b) such claimant agrees in writing to assume the expense of burial or cremation, and (c) the board determines that such claim has been made in good faith and not for the purpose of claiming social security or other burial benefits payable for burial of the deceased or obtaining payment for the expense of embalming and burying the deceased.

(4) If the duly authorized officer or agent of the board deems any such body unfit for anatomical purposes, he or she shall notify the county commissioners of the county in which the death occurred, and the county commissioners shall then direct some person to take charge of such body and cause it to be buried or cremated. The expense of such burial or cremation shall be fixed and paid by order of the county commissioners from any funds available for such purpose.

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