69-401. Terms, defined.

For purposes of sections 69-401 to 69-409:

(1) Regulated metals property means catalytic converters, all nonferrous metal except gold and silver, manhole covers, sewer grates, or metal beer kegs, including those kegs made of stainless steel; and

(2) Secondary metals recycler means any person, firm, or corporation in this state that:

(a) Is engaged in the business of gathering or obtaining regulated metals property that has served its original economic purpose; or

(b) Is in the business of or has facilities for performing the manufacturing process by which regulated metals property is converted into raw material products consisting of prepared grades and having an existing or potential economic value by methods including, but not limited to, processing, sorting, cutting, classifying, cleaning, baling, wrapping, shredding, shearing, or changing the physical form or chemical content of the metals, but not including the exclusive use of hand tools.

Source:Laws 2008, LB766, § 1; Laws 2012, LB1049, § 1.