69-2104. Lessor; disclosures required.

(1) Before entering into any consumer rental purchase agreement, the lessor shall disclose to the consumer the following items as applicable:

(a) A brief description of the leased property sufficient to identify the property to the consumer and lessor;

(b) The number, amount, and timing of all payments included in the total of payments to acquire ownership;

(c) The total of payments to acquire ownership;

(d) A statement that the consumer will not own the property until the consumer has paid the total of payments to acquire ownership plus applicable taxes;

(e) A statement that the total of payments to acquire ownership does not include other charges such as taxes, late charges, reinstatement fees, or charges for optional products or services the consumer may have elected to purchase and that the consumer should see the rental purchase agreement for an explanation of these charges;

(f) A statement that the consumer is responsible for the fair market value, remaining rent, early purchase option amount, or cost of repair of the property, whichever is less, if it is lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed;

(g) A statement indicating whether the property is new or used. A statement that indicates that new property is used shall not be a violation of the Consumer Rental Purchase Agreement Act;

(h) A statement of the cash price of the property. When the agreement involves a lease for two or more items, a statement of the aggregate cash price of all items shall satisfy the requirement of this subdivision;

(i) The total amount of the initial payments required to be paid before consummation of the agreement or delivery of the property, whichever occurs later, and an itemization of the components of the initial payment, including any initial nonrefundable administrative fee or delivery charge, lease payment, taxes, or fee or charge for optional products or services;

(j) A statement clearly summarizing the terms of the consumer's options to purchase, including a statement that at any time after the first periodic payment is made the consumer may acquire ownership of the property by tendering an amount which may not exceed fifty-five percent of the difference between the total of payments to acquire ownership and the total of lease payments the consumer has paid on the property at that time;

(k) A statement identifying the party responsible for maintaining or servicing the property while it is being leased, together with a description of that responsibility and a statement that if any part of a manufacturer's warranty covers the leased property at the time the consumer acquires ownership of the property, such warranty shall be transferred to the consumer if allowed by the terms of the warranty; and

(l) The date of the transaction and the names of the lessor and the consumer.

(2) With respect to matters specifically governed by the federal Consumer Credit Protection Act, 15 U.S.C. 1601 et seq., as such act existed on January 1, 2022, compliance with such act shall satisfy the requirements of this section.

(3) Subsection (1) of this section shall not apply to a lessor who complies with the disclosure requirements of the federal Consumer Credit Protection Act, 15 U.S.C. 1667a, as such section existed on January 1, 2022, with respect to a consumer rental purchase agreement entered into with a consumer.

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Operative Date: April 19, 2022