69-210. Pawnbrokers; customer fingerprint required; restrictions on property accepted.

(1) All persons who shall be engaged in the business of pawnbroker shall, in addition to the requirements of section 69-204, obtain and keep a single legible fingerprint of each person pawning, pledging, mortgaging, or selling any goods or articles. The fingerprint shall be taken from the right index finger or, if the right index finger is missing, from the left index finger. Each pawnbroker shall display a notice to customers, in a prominent location, stating that such pawnbroker is required by state law to fingerprint every person pawning or selling an item.

(2) No pawnbroker shall accept as collateral security or purchase any property:

(a) From any person who is under eighteen years of age, or who appears to be under the influence of alcohol, narcotic drug, stimulant, or depressant, or who appears to be mentally incompetent; or

(b) On which the serial numbers or other identifying insignia have been destroyed, removed, altered, covered, or defaced.

Source:Laws 1976, LB 431, § 1; Laws 1981, LB 44, § 9.