69-205. Reports to police; when required.

It shall be the duty of every such pawnbroker, dealer in secondhand goods, or junk dealer, every day except Sunday before the hour of 12 noon, to deliver to the police department of the municipality where said business is located, or if the municipality does not have a police department, to the sheriff's office, a legible and correct copy of each card or ledger entry required by section 69-204 for the transactions of the previous day. Transactions occurring on Saturday shall be reported on the following Monday. No card shall be required for goods purchased from manufacturers or wholesale dealers having an established place of business, or goods purchased at open sale from any bankrupt stock or from any other person doing business and having an established place of business in the city or village, but such goods must be accompanied by a bill of sale or other evidence of open and legitimate purchase, and must be shown to the mayor or any law enforcement officer when demanded. Dealers in scrap metals, except gold and silver, shall not be included in the provisions of this section.

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