69-1606. Duty of buyer; failure of seller to take possession; performance of service, how treated.

(1) The buyer shall take reasonable care of any property received pursuant to the home solicitation sale in his possession before cancellation and for a reasonable time after tender, not to exceed twenty days.

(2) Upon the performance of the seller's obligations under section 69-1605, the buyer shall tender such property to the seller except that if the return of such property to the seller is inequitable, the buyer shall tender its reasonable value.

(3) Tender shall be made at the location of the property or at the residence of the buyer at the option of the buyer.

(4) If the seller does not take possession of such property within twenty days after tender by the buyer, ownership of such property shall vest in the buyer without obligation on his part to pay for it.

(5) If a seller performs any services pursuant to a home solicitation sale prior to its cancellation, the seller shall not be entitled to compensation.

Source:Laws 1974, LB 212, ยง 6.