69-1601. Terms, defined.

For purposes of sections 69-1601 to 69-1607, unless the context otherwise requires:

(1) Home solicitation sale shall mean a sale, lease, or rental of consumer goods or services with a purchase price of twenty-five dollars or more, whether under a single or multiple contract, in which the seller or his or her representative personally solicits the sale, including those in response to or following the invitation by the buyer, and the buyer's agreement or offer to purchase is made at a place other than the place of business of the seller. The term home solicitation sale shall not include a transaction:

(a) Made pursuant to prior negotiations in the course of a visit by the buyer to a retail business establishment having a fixed permanent location where the goods are exhibited or the services are offered for sale on a continuing basis;

(b) In which the consumer is accorded the right to rescission by the provisions of the Consumer Credit Protection Act, 15 U.S.C. 1635 et seq., or regulations issued pursuant thereto;

(c) In which the buyer has initiated the contact, the goods or services are needed to meet a bona fide immediate personal emergency of the buyer, and the buyer furnishes the seller with a separate dated and signed personal statement in the buyer's handwriting describing the situation requiring immediate remedy and expressly acknowledging and waiving the right to cancel the sale within three business days;

(d) Conducted and consummated entirely by mail or telephone and without any other contact between the buyer and the seller or its representative prior to delivery of the goods or performance of the services;

(e) In which the buyer has initiated the contact and specifically requested the seller to visit his or her home for the purpose of repairing or performing maintenance upon the buyer's personal property. If, in the course of such a visit, the seller sells the buyer the right to receive additional services or goods other than replacement parts necessarily used in performing the maintenance or in making the repairs, the sale of such additional goods or services shall not fall within this exclusion;

(f) Pertaining to the sale of securities or commodities by a broker-dealer registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission; or

(g) Defined as a consumer rental purchase agreement in the Consumer Rental Purchase Agreement Act;

(2) Buyer shall mean both actual and prospective purchasers or lessees of any goods or services offered through home solicitation selling; and

(3) Seller shall mean a person or organization who advertises, offers, or deals in goods or services for the purpose of home solicitation selling or provides or exercises supervision, direction, or control over sales practices used in the home solicitation sale but shall not include banks, savings and loan associations, insurance companies, public utilities, licensed motor vehicle dealers, or licensed real estate brokers or salespersons with respect to real estate listings or the sale or leasing of real estate, but seller shall include a supplier or distributor if:

(a) The seller is a subsidiary or affiliate of the supplier or distributor;

(b) The seller interchanges personnel or maintains common or overlapping officers or directors with the supplier or distributor; or

(c) The supplier or distributor provides or exercises supervision, direction, or control over the selling practices of the seller.

Source:Laws 1974, LB 212, § 1; Laws 1989, LB 681, § 17.

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