69-1312. Delivery of property to State Treasurer; exceptions.

Every person who has filed a report under section 69-1310, or in the case of sums payable on traveler's checks or money orders presumed abandoned under section 69-1302, shall pay or deliver to the State Treasurer all abandoned property specified in this report, except that, if the owner establishes his right to receive the abandoned property to the satisfaction of the holder within the time specified in section 69-1311, or if it appears that for some other reason the presumption of abandonment is erroneous, the holder need not pay or deliver the property, which will no longer be presumed abandoned, to the State Treasurer, but in lieu thereof shall file a verified written explanation of the proof of claim or of the error in the presumption of abandonment.

Source:Laws 1969, c. 611, § 12, p. 2486; Laws 1977, LB 305, § 6.