69-1207. License; Secretary of State; deny; revoke; suspend; nontransferable.

(1) The secretary may deny, revoke or suspend any license issued or applied for under sections 69-1201 to 69-1217 for the following causes:

(a) Conviction of a felony;

(b) For violating any of the provisions of sections 69-1201 to 69-1217;

(c) For fraud or deceit in procuring the issuance of a license under sections 69-1201 to 69-1217;

(d) For indulging in a continuous course of unfair conduct; or

(e) For insolvency, being adjudicated a bankrupt, being placed in receivership, or assigning for the benefit of creditors by any licensee or applicant for a license under sections 69-1201 to 69-1217.

(2) The denial, revocation or suspension shall only be made upon specific charges in writing, under oath, filed with the secretary, whereupon a hearing shall be had as to the reasons for any denial, revocation or suspension and a certified copy of the charges shall be served on the licensee or applicant for license not less than ten days nor more than thirty days prior to the hearing.

(3) No license shall be transferable or assignable.

Source:Laws 1967, c. 377, ยง 7, p. 1182.